Peta Koruptor

Peta Koruptor

Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012


The honorable adjudicators of English Speech Contest,
The honorable techers,
The honorable participants,
The honorable audiences,

First of all, let us praise The Almighy Allah SWT, because of His blessings we are able to attend this english speech contest. Secondly, may peace be upon The Prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided us from the darkness into the brightness.
I also would like to say thank you very much who given me opportunity to deliver my speech in front of you all.

Ladies and gentlement
Allow me to deliver my speech antitled: Corruption
Ladies and gentlemant
Corruption is both a major cause and a result of poverty around the world. It occurs at all levels of society, from local and national governments, civil society, judiciary functions, large and small businesses, military and other services and so on.
Ladies and gentlemant
Corruption affects the poorest the most, in rich or poor nations, though all elements of society are affected in some way as corruption undermines political development, democracy, economic development, the environment, people’s health and more.
Ladies and gentlemant
Around the world, the perception of corruption in public places is very high:
But it isn’t just in governments that corruption is found; it can permeate through society.
Ladies and gentlement
The issue of corruption is very much inter-related with other issues. At a global level, the “international” (Washington Consensus-influenced) economic system that has shaped the current form of globalization in the past decades requires further scrutiny for it has also created conditions whereby corruption can flourish and exacerbate the conditions of people around the world who already have little say about their own destiny. At a national level, people’s effective participation and representation in society can be undermined by corruption, while at local levels, corruption can make day to day lives more painful for all affected.
Ladies and gentlemant
A difficult  thing to measure or compare, however, is the impact of corruption on poverty versus the effects of inequalities that are structured into law, such as unequal trade agreements, structural adjustment policies, so-called “free” trade agreements and so on. It is easier to see corruption. It is harder to see these other more formal, even legal forms of “corruption.” It is easy to assume that these are not even issues because they are part of the laws and institutions that govern national and international communities and many of us will be accustomed to it—it is how it works, so to speak. Those deeper aspects are discussed in other parts of this web site’s section on trade, economy, & related issues.
That is not to belittle the issue of corruption, however, for its impacts are enormous too.
Ladies and gentlement,
I think thats’ all my speech. Hopefully it will be useful for f us. Thank you very much for your attention.
Wassalamualikum wr.wb

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